gravedonaThe town of Gravedona - or Gravedona ed Uniti to give it its full name - is on the lake-side close to the northern end of Lake Como and is one of the main ferry stops.

Gravedona however is  more like a traditional italian town where you will mix with the locals and not masses of other nationalities. Is among the greatest artistic centres of the Lario. Gravedona is pre-Roman origin,  was a prosperous town in the Middle Ages, allied with Milan during the ten year war. In the 1500s it was the capital of Lake Como’s Tre Pievi Superiori, then was passed as a stronghold to Tolomeo Gallio, it always managed to keep a certain autonomy even under the lordships of the Visconti and the Sforza. A peculiar pride of Gravedona was the art of goldsmith merit above all of the Sergregori family. In the past, the town’s economy was based on fishing, agriculture and cattle breeding.

Today Garavedona is an important commercial and a summer vacation centre. The town spreads along the lake with a newly re-furbished promenade lined with cafes and shops.There is a lovely lakeside walk that takes you to the next town along, Dongo, where Mussolini was caught trying to escape after WW2.


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