Dervio is just few driving minutes far from Lecco, greets visitors with a wide range of outdoor activities to experience lake Como: a beautiful lake promenade, wide beaches, green spaces and playgrounds for kids and windsurf, kitesurf or sailboats for water sport’s fans who love this stretch of lake, often colored by sails whizzing on the blue surface of Lake Como.

The town of Dervio stands on a point extended on Lake Como, extended on the delta of the Varrone torrent, and in the shadow of Mount Legnoncino (1714 meters above sea level). It most likely has Romanesque foundation - traces of ancient Gaulish - Roman civilizations have been found in the area. The weather is mild, cooled by two winds: Breva and Tivano;which render Dervio an ideal spot for water sports, sailing and windsurfing; there are at least four sailing schools throughout the region. From the lake shore we can admire the neoclassical dock - designed and built by famous architect Luigi Cagnola.

Besides the castle of the Counts Andreani in the village of Corenno Plino, a must-see is the remains of the ancient Castelvedro dating back to the 5th century, which fell into ruin over the years and was substituted by the Orezia Castle. We recommend a visit to the church dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, located in the town of Dervio just a few steps from the shores of Lake Como; the ancient church of Saints Quirico and Juliette from the 9th century and the church of Saint Cecilia of the 13th century.

Dervio is also an ideal starting point for those who enjoy walking in nature. You can take the wayfarer’s path (sentiero del viandante).

From Dervio, following the road which climbs Val Varrone you can reach the villages of Vestreno, Sueglio, Introzzo, Tremenico and finally Premana. The mountains surrounding Dervio offer plenty of opportunity to take excursions and walks, like those which lead to the Bellano and Nogara shelters, or those which climb Mount Legnone and Mount Legnoncino. The world renowned Festival Internazionale Cinema d'Animazione e Fumetto (International Animation Cinema and Comic Book Festival) takes place in Dervio every July.


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