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Menaggio is situated in the heart of Lake Como,stretched across a small headland where the lake Como reveals itself in all its majesty. Is of ancient origins.Its supply of receptive and sporting facilities is excellent, and the small harbour, often crowded multi-coloured boats is charming. 

Menaggio’s particularly mild climate, ventilated by two local winds known as Breva and Tivano, and its optimal sunny position allows for a surprising and exotic flora along the lake shore, created at the beginning of the century, or in the parks of the numerous villas; the Retiche Alps and the Orobie Alpine foothills act as a beautiful frame. Menaggio draws a good part of its income from tourism and the tertiary sector; there are also textile and artisan industries, which are often based on centennial traditions, like that of silk and copper working.

Here was born the renowned sculptor Leone Leoni (1509-1590) inappropriately called the Aretino. Among the churches deserving mention is the polygonal Santuario della Madonna della Pace (Our Lady of Peace Sanctuary) (in the village of Nobiallo) built in 1660 in order to celebrate the Peace of the Pyrenees (1659), a phase of the Spanish decay.


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