cernobbioIt is located immediately after the Breggia stream, on the shores of the lake at the foot of Mount Bisbino, with its many hamlets it forms one of the largest towns overlooking the Lario.

Cernobbio, of ancient origins, after various vicissitudes managed to obtain its own privileges and statutes in the 13th century but this flourishing period was soon followed, in the 16th century, by the Spanish invasion and repeated looting.

Its name derives from an ancient Cluniac monastery, “Coenobium', owned by the Bishops of Pavia confirmed by Lotario in the 10th century and which stood in the area currently occupied by Villa D'Este.

The country's economy focuses above all on wool and silk spinning, on paper production and, due to the presence of many luxurious nineteenth-century villas built by nobles and rich people, also on tourism.

One of the first industrial factories for silk processing was born here. In the older part of the town, a few steps from the lakeside square, there are still some well-preserved characteristic buildings dating back to the 16th century.

From here starts the path known as the 'Via dei monti lariani', a long and fascinating walk entirely signposted by the CAI, you can reach Monte Bisbino (1325 m.) following a panoramic road where at the top stands a sixteenth-century Marian sanctuary from whose churchyard it is possible to appreciate the panoramic view of the lake, the Alps and the plain.


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